Advancements in dental technology continue to reduce the period of treatment, enhance patients comfort and increase accuracy and efficiency of the restorative process. A Ottawa Dentist, on the other hand, finds it easy to carry out complicated surgeries thanks to the evolution of dental equipment. The messy and unpleasant experience associated with dental procedures is now a thing of the past. Advancements in dentistry are aimed at creating products and developing procedures that can be used by dentists to help prevent, detect or diagnose and treat several dental diseases and oral disorders more effectively.

If you have poorly aligned teeth, then visit a Ottawa Dentist to learn about the newest orthodontic options. Many older adults were unable to wear braces because the devices were expensive and required a long treatment time. Today, there are braces that can repair your teeth in a shorter amount of time. At a dental office, you will have a complete examination with medical images to determine if you need to wear aligners or braces. Aligners are designed for mild malocclusions, and the devices are worn for six months to one year. Alternatively, if you have serious malocclusions, then you must wear braces instead for two to four years.

A few generations ago, most people visited the local dentist ottawa mainly for problems, such as a toothache or a wisdom tooth that needed to be pulled. However, in the last 50 years or so, dental hygiene and oral health have assumed a more prominent role in health care. Now it is common practice for people to get twice-yearly dental checkups to prevent problems. Dentistry today provides more than just basic dental care, though. Routine dental exams help to diagnose and treat a number of related issues and establish a foundation for lifelong dental health.