Although the most common procedure for tooth restoration is a full set of removable dentures, dental implants are another option that can provide a more stable solution. Permanent dental prosthesis are made up of a titanium post that is implanted into an individual’s gums, which will serve as a root. When the area around the post has healed and fused to the jawbone, a prosthetic tooth will be attached to the post. If you have missing teeth, and are considering different options for restoration, here are the top 10 advantages of dental implants.

1. An Improved Smile
Those with missing teeth will have an improved smile with dental prosthesis. However, removable dentures are not as natural and appealing in appearance as permanent dental prosthesis. Dental implants will permanently bind to the jawbone, so the replacement tooth is not able to be removed and will appear as natural teeth.

2. Boost Confidence
Those with removable dentures can experience looseness and movement while eating or speaking, which can be cause for embarrassment. A permanent dental prosthesis will improve confidence in an individual because he or she will know the tooth is stable and will not move.

3. Comfortable and Convenient
Permanent dental prosthesis can prevent sore areas from developing in an individual’s mouth the way removable dentures can between the dentures and the gums. Those with removable dentures are also inconvenienced at night because they must remove their dentures to clean. Furthermore, those with removable dentures will have to use adhesive, which can be messy. Individuals who have permanent dental prosthesis will not experience the same inconvenience that those with removable dentures experience.

4. Durability
Permanent dental prosthesis are made with materials that are extremely durable. When individuals take proper care of their dental implants, they can last their entire lives. The post is made of titanium, which is very durable, and the material is biocompatible and easily accepted by the jawbone.

5. Better Eating
The ability to chew food properly has an impact on overall health. When an individual is not able to chew his or her food properly, it will cause poor digestion. Although removable dentures can help individuals chew their food, removable dentures are only about 25% as effective as natural teeth. However, permanent prosthesis can be 80% as effective as natural teeth when chewing.

6. Better Taste
Removable dentures will restrict an individual ability to taste because the roof of the mouth is covered. Dental implants do not restrict the roof of the mouth, which will not hinder taste.

7. Better Nutrition and Overall Health
When an indiviudal has missing teeth, certain foods may not be edible. Fresh fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and apples, can be impossible to eat when an individual is missing teeth. It can also be nearly impossible for those with removable dentures to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Dental implants will enable an individual to enjoy and eat a healthier diet that will contribute to improved overall health.

8. Speech is Improved
Individuals with missing teeth can have problems speaking. Permanent dental prosthesis can be an effective way to improve speech in those with missing teeth. Those with removable dentures may experience speech problems due to dentures moving or slipping, which does not happen with permanent dental prosthesis.

9. Promotes Bone Growth
Those with missing teeth can experience bone loss in the jawline. When an individual loses his or her natural teeth, the jawbone will deteriorate because it no longer has teeth to support. Up to 25% of bone loss can happen within the first year of tooth loss. The post in a dental implant will fuse to the jawbone, which will stimulate bone growth.

Dental prosthesis can be an effective solution to missing teeth. The many benefits of dental prosthesis can offer individuals an improved appearance and health. Although the process can take several months to complete, it is a permanent and effective solution to replacing missing teeth.

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